The Image of the Body: People

We live in our bodies: we work, exercise, play, and make love with our bodies. Within each person's body there is an inner world of feeling that includes a history of relationships with others; memories; and thoughts about the future. Photographs of people can capture something of that inner world.

Of the photographs on this page, a few are of works of art. The rest are photographs of actual, living people. All except twelve were taken by me. Of those some are B&W and vintage images. Others were contributed by friends. In the digital age, it is possible to combine separate images to create new "realities" and I have done that in a few instances.

But the photograph is only the first step in a process that is completed when the mind and body of the viewer respond to the picture with memory, thought, and feeling.

In keeping with the theme of this website, the majority of the photographs on this page are of men. However, fourteen include both women and men, sixteen are of women alone, and four have children as their subject. Most of the photographs were taken on the streets and in the parks, museums--and subways--of New York City; some were taken on a nearby university campus, while some were taken in other parts of the country; both France and the Philippines are also represented.

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